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Sally Preisig and her company Mimics Productions Limited is a renowned UK quality mascot costume maker and Sally has been making weird and wonderful, larger than life 3D mascot costumes for since 1988!  Mimics’ USP is that Sally is a one person company so she offers a completely unique personal service, and ONLY builds great quality, long lasting mascot costumes. If you want cheap and nasty Mascot Costumes, then stop reading now!

Mascot CostumesMimics make custom-made company mascot costumes for all your advertising and promotional purposes as used by Big Brother . If you're looking to make a brand mascot or a company mascot then you’ve come to the right place. Mimics Productions has grown steadily with the Internet, which has shaped the company in this modern online market and given them a respectable place in the Industry. Over the years Mimics has gained a wealth of experience and an excellent reputation in designing and building customized and bespoke, built to order great value mascot costumes. Mimics specialize ONLY in creating the best quality individual character mascot costumes, animal mascot costumes, in fact ANY mascot costumes!  Sally can also design and make you any additional clothing and shoes, or sets, props and soft props and even puppets to accompany your character or as a separate project. Mimics Productions’ hundreds of lovely customers are always from TV, Video, Film, commercials, theatre, advertising agencies, promotions, events management teams, sports teams, university societies, clubs and local authorities.

Sally can build you any character from the many varieties of larger than life 3D mascot costumes.  They can be vegetables or fruits, or insects, or birds, animals or humans and even inanimate household or technical items of equipment to do with your company!  Sally can (and has) made them all!  Mimics Productions is sure you will be delivered of an amazing hand made costume of your dreams (and your budget!) Sally single handedly deals with every process of mascot costume making.

A costume character mascot is a perfect, long lasting, medium cost solution to building revenues and a unique way to build your company's brand recognition.  Sally will make the process painless, smooth and enjoyable.  Your mascot costumes will be made to budget and always finished by your ultimate deadline / delivery date. Mimics are well acquainted and experienced in working with big and small clients. According to Sally’s customer testimonials and feedback she always provides an excellent personal service again and again.

If you provide Sally with exact information what you truly want then she can work with your existing designs, logos and ideas - she basically does the rest for you; if you don’t have time to get into the minutia of company mascot design!

On the other hand, Sally can also design and create artwork as she can also draw up something new for you and with as much involvement as you want.

mascot costumesFinally, once you are happy with the agreed designs and fabric swatches, then Sally sets to work on bringing your character costume to life. She usually turns around a single 3D company mascot costume / character costume in about 2-4 weeks, sometimes even sooner. It all depends on what materials she needs to source to execute your design. Mimics Productions also offer discounts to customers for multiples of the same design but only if they can be ordered and created in the workshop at the same time.

Sally hand stitches most of her 3D mascot costumes using really strong threads and her favourite curved upholstery sized needle, with a lot of blood sweat, tears and a little glue! All the Mimics Productions mascot costumes are made out of really well sourced, comfortable and fit for purpose materials, from Foam, Plastazote, Varraform, Fibreglass, vacuum-formed plastics, leather, leatherette, wood, fur and fabrics sourced from years of experience from great contacts all over the world.

Sally & Mimics Productions are here and at your service! Mascot costumes have for many years featured in almost every football or rugby game, the Olympic and Commonwealth games, every charity fundraiser and promotional campaign in shopping centres and on TV. Aren’t we all lovers of fun, colour and characters and don't we just love reminiscing about our childhoods and characters we remember from adverts, cartoons and holidays!  Mascot costumes are the best way to have fun and bring out the fun, colour and child in us all.  In a sluggish sports game or a sensitive charity fundraising campaign a fun and larger than life Mascot costume (made in full scale) of your colourful logo, or your very own character can make the crowd come alive again and to give their support.  If you are a charity, they may even dip into their pockets some more a mascot can encourage the kids, which in turn can encourage the adults!

We are indeed surrounded by mascot costumes entertaining people young and old around every corner. So you see, mascot costumes are everywhere! Literally everywhere! It seems like it’s impossible to have a business, or a team without a fabulous mascot costume to show off your brand, and Mimics want to make it for you!

So what are you waiting for?

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