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Specialist Costume Maker: An amazing Person!

Have you ever thought who creates and designs such amazing costumes? Have you ever felt like meeting them? Did you ever have inspiration to get a specialist costume made? Did these costumes remind you of your childhood? If yes, then you need to order one special costume for yourself from Sally Preisig of Mimics Productions!


Sally will make you the perfect costume ever! With costume making experience since 1988 Sally can make you nearly anything!

Think of that! Your very own specialist costume maker, bringing perfection to your promotional campaign. A quality specialist costume made by hand to promote your team, your brand your logo. That one costume that you’ll always brag about to your friends, wear on every Halloween, every costume party and maybe gift your grandchildren! Yes! We make memories for you! Let Sally play her part! Order!

Well, as Sally’s customers say, ‘Sally has been a great lifesaver by being a specialist costume maker. She is always very professional and efficient when we have to call her with a short deadline. Sally can handle all the costume process from design to the building of every costume part – building the 3D heads, bodies, shoes, tops, clothing, gloves, etc. She is just amazing with her skills by stitching beautiful, hand made flawless costumes, that have lasted us years. We remember many of our characters, from being made into 3D costumes! Sally & Mimics make memories for us, our clients and supporters!’

You don’t have to worry anymore because Sally is here to put life into your characters. Sally’s designs and costumes can be out there working for your brand! Stitch away your childhood memories! Create an awesome campaign! Let Mimics be a part of it! We assure you the best quality ever, comfort ease of wear and care and good value for money. Your designs and ideas in one amazing character costume, what else you can wish for!

Email sally: or call her on 01329 661161

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