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I am Sally Preisig of Mimics Productions. I am one of the UK’s top puppet makers and have been making hand and glove puppets professionally since 1988. My company, UK based Mimics Productions specialize in high quality, no fuss puppet making. All my puppets are visually appealing, comfortable to operate and durable. All puppets are bespoke, each hand crafted with great attention to detail, producing a good quality character. Only the finest and closest matched for purpose materials are used to create your puppet. Having worked for many years as a TV puppeteer and puppet maker, I am very aware of the drawbacks of any mechanisms. I do not offer complex mechanism or animatronics. If they break down it can hold up an expensive shoot. Good puppeteers don’t need mechanisms, and Jim Henson and company barely ever used them! I create functional, easy to manipulate, characterful puppets. I do this in addition to incorporating the director’s concepts and designer’s needs. I make puppets that have a great deal of character and all they need is a good puppeteer to bring them to life. Professional puppet makers and TV Puppeteers like me can offer practical advice on the performance of the puppet and its ideal performance setting and detailed help during the whole commission process. I have proven success in creating characters for TV, stage and live shows. I can either work from an existing character concept and drawings or create a new one, specific to your requirements. Often my clients may require changes of clothes, spare parts, custom made props, or bespoke scenery to support their new character. These I can also design for you and bring to life. I offer a reduced rate for building a puppet if I can also have the pleasure to operate and / or voice it. I am recognized as one of the UK’s top puppet makers and have a long track record as a TV puppeteer & voice over artist. I am experienced in operating animatronics and complex mechanisms as well as hand puppets, glove puppets and string puppets. Credits include: Bella – Tweenies; Peggy Patch – Playdays; Dogsby – The Shiny Show; Sally the Cat – Fun Song Factory; Bits – Bits & Bobs plus many assorted other puppets and extras on other shows, as well as being an additional puppeteer in the film ‘The Muppet Christmas Carol’. I have made 3D Mascot costumes, puppets, character costumes and soft props for a large variety of clients including, TV and video companies, theatre, large corporates, small business, theme parks, zoos, museums, sports teams, education, local authorities and charities. I am very proud of my client list and invite you to take a look at my gallery of projects and read the nice things people say about me on my testimonials page.

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