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UK based Mimics Productions, specialist prop designers and makers of creative soft props, oversized props, set design & soft sculpture for television, video, theatre & education.

"You know what you want.....we sew what you want!"

With over 20 years experience as prop makers for TV and Theatre, UK based Mimics Productions Ltd have made a wide variety of unusual and high quality soft props and oversized soft props & soft sculpture pieces for theatrical, educational and promotional props for a large variety of companies; ranging from professional shop dressers, to TV companies, Theatre companies, large corporates, schools & colleges and charitable organisations. There are no limits to what we will consider creating from the sublime to the ridiculous!

Mimics approach every commission with enthusiasm, no matter whether it is large or small. Our attention to detail has meant continuous positive feedback from our clients. As top prop makers, we understand that no two jobs are ever the same and recognise the importance of budgets and timelines. We tailor each job to fit your specifications by working closely with production managers, designers, other prop makers and co-ordinators. From the initial contact right through to the finished product, we ensure that all aspects of the brief are covered and that you are totally confident that the end result will be in budget and on time.

In this section there are examples of Mimics' upholstery, sewing and pattern making, mascot costume making , puppet making and other fabric work. Mimics have created all kinds of soft props from mascot costumes to puppets, hats to furniture & housewares, plus oversized fruit & veg, trees & plants and other giant soft props. Nothing is too bizarre.

We regularly take on commissions from the UK, Europe and the USA and are always happy to hear from you internationally. Please contact us to discuss your requirements Take a look at our gallery of projects below and read the nice things people say about us on our testimonials page.

Prop Makers : HAMLEYS - Bear Factory
HAMLEYS - Bear Factory
Prop Makers : Angel Place - Girl
Angel Place - Girl
Prop Makers : S4C - The Meees - others
S4C - The Meees - others
Prop Makers : S4C - The Meees - outside
S4C - The Meees - outside
Prop Makers : Medal Motion Maquette
Medal Motion Maquette
Prop Makers : S4C - The Meees - Kitchen
S4C - The Meees - Kitchen
Prop Makers : Klaxo & Friends
Klaxo & Friends
Prop Makers : Chessington
Prop Makers : Mr Biff
Mr Biff
Prop Makers : Angel Place - Boy
Angel Place - Boy
Prop Makers : ITV Spooks of Bottle Bay
ITV Spooks of Bottle Bay
Prop Makers : Simpsons
Prop Makers : L’Amfiparnaso
Prop Makers : GMTV - Fun Song Factory
GMTV - Fun Song Factory
Prop Makers : Halifax - COMMERCIAL
Prop Makers : Jazz Circus Festival
Jazz Circus Festival
Prop Makers : Lost Jewel
Lost Jewel
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