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Mascot Costumes UK: Mascots are about! Mascot costumes in the UK have proved to be a very good symbolizing item. Not only here in the UK, but people from all around the world use mascots to promote their sports teams, schools, charity events, business brands and bringing their logos to 3D life. Mascots are not only used to cheer the teams and the crowd, they can also entertain them and who doesn’t wants to be entertained!

We all are fun lovers and mascot costumes are the best way to have fun in a sluggish sports game or a sensitive charity fundraiser. Sally Preisig and her company Mimics Productions is a renowned UK mascot costume maker since 1988 and Sally deal’s single handedly with every process of mascot costume making. Name a costume of a theme of whatever you want, and 2 – 3 weeks later your mascot will be delivered to your doorstep. So you see, mascot costumes are everywhere! Literally everywhere! It seems like it’s impossible to have a business, or a team without a fabulous mascot, and Mimics want to make it for you! We have even seen national anthems of various countries performed by mascot costumes even in the UK!

We say, “Mascots are important in all sorts of businesses now!”

You see mascots are ruling the world. No game, no Olympics, no event, no party, no Halloween, no charity fundraising day, no exciting day has been held without and entertaining mascot


Mascot Costumes UK - In UK, mascots are a part of life now. Many sports teams in the UK have a mascot now and they are amazingly proud to have such a mascot costume. They consider mascots as a real part of their whole publicity strategy, as that is important as well for the future. And an interesting fact, big businesses have their licensed mascots, which are their complete trademark. Mimics have made many mascots costumes in the UK for Brands such as Carte Blanche Greetings’ ‘Tatty Teddy’ and ‘My Blue Nose Friends’! HOW COOL IS THAT! Don’t you want to have a super cool mascot attracting hundreds of customers like they have? I BET YOU DO!

Contact Sally and order yourself one! Have fun! For further details email Sally: or call her on 01329 661161  

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