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Mascot Costumes

Mascot Costumes Wow! Who doesn’t want a perfect mascot costume for promoting their company brand or bringing their brand logo to life? As the French say, Mascots are lucky charms and who doesn’t need a lucky charm of their own to back up their promotional or advertising campaign on the streets or on TV! Although sports organizations and teams started the trend of using larger than life mascot costumes, now everyone wants to own that one mascot which will constantly remind them of their perfect times in a sport team on the field when they are winning, or whatever. Mascots are like giant puppets so transforming animals and fantasy characters into 3D mascot costumes is the best idea ever! I mean you have a whole new outer cover with a whole new personality to define so you don’t have to be yourself – you can take on a whole new persona! Mascot costumes provide you with a whole package of fun, happiness, and colourful dynamism all together. Since mascots are designed and stitched with really strong threads, and a lot of blood sweat, tears and stitched solely by Sally Preisig who has been making since 1988, you will be more than comfortable in your hand made to measure costume. Sally makes her mascot costumes in really well sourced, comfortable and fit for purpose materials. With the various varieties of mascots, from vegetables and fruits, to insects, birds, animals and humans, Sally is sure you will be delivered an amazing hand made costume of your dreams. Sally & Mimics Productions are here and at your service! Mascots have recently featured in almost every Halloween, every football or rugby game, every charity fundraiser and promotional campaign in shopping centres and on TV. We’re indeed surrounded by mascots entertaining people around every corner. So what are you waiting for? Sally can design your business a mascot costume because who doesn’t love mascots and you can always use them in your promotions since they are one hell of an attention seeker! Be cool and get yourself a mascot costume of your brand or bring your team logo to life, or Sally can make anything you want. It’s your time to have fun and get promoting your brand! Buy yourself a whole bunch of adventure and fun with a mascot costume and enlighten your current and potential customers with a larger than life 3D mascot character costume. For more information email Sally: or call her 01329 661161  
Mascot Costumes
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