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links to puppet related sites
British Puppet & Model Theatre Guild - The official website of The British Puppet & Model Theatre Guild.

The Puppet Centre Trust - based at the Battersea Arts Centre, London UK is a resource committed to promoting the arts of puppetry and animation, it provides all sorts of information, a research facility and advise.

Puppet Books form Ray Da Silva - The leading supplier of puppet books to Puppeteers and Puppet Centres Worldwide.

The Pink Professor Rabbit
- Mimics Productions is a Team Member on The Pink Professor Rabbit project hazel@thepinkprofessor.com

Neal Scanlan Studios - For any one interested in animatronics for film and TV - Neal's your man!

National Fiber Technologies - The most amazing manufacturers of almost any fur fabric you can dream of. They will blend any colours and sorts of fibre exactly to your specifications and combine them and knit them on to a stretch or rigid backing. Their fur is pretty expensive but well worth the money...I've been to their factory near Boston USA and seen the many processes involved - the guys deserve every penny!! And they are really nice people too!

Schultz & Wiremu - A great bunch for all your fabric needs - dyeing, printing, distressing and sourcing and...well!...have a look for yourself!

The Jim Henson Company - The official website of The Jim Henson Company.

Sagecraft - Their Puppetry Home Page is an award-winning free resource for puppetry information.

Muppet Central - Here's a well produced website dedicated to all things Muppet. Includes Chat and Message Boards!

Spectacular Dimensions - Interesting puppet bits and pieces to buy. I've never used them...but you may be interested.

Wooden Toy Specialists - Mulberry Bush - Traditional Toys, Gifts & Games - Mulberry Bush offer the toys that Parents remember with fondness from their own childhood or that Grandparents will want to give their grandchildren. There are plenty of things to do and make, games and toys to suit all tastes - all guaranteed to be fun and exciting. There's bound to be something for everyone - and all at affordable prices!

The International site of BRUNIMA - The British Centra of UNIMA (Union Internationale de la Marionette). Organisation affiliated to UNESCO bringing together people around the world who contribute to the development of the art of puppetry.

Puppet Stuff - Great for puppet supplies...interesting stuff - not apparantly available in the UK.

British Actors Equity

Middlesex University Arts

The Royal School of Needlework

Tell-Tale Productions - For information on shows including the Tweenies and Fun Song Factory

More Resources

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