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Costume Characters

Ah! Costume Characters! Aren’t we guys are always amused by Costume Characters? They are just our favorites! Kids love them and of course adults as well. We as adults still remember what it is like to be a kid, some of us still behave as kids! So find that child like attitude in yourself and embrace the fun! Costume characters are basically larger than life 3D reproductions of a brand, logo or cartoon used to entertain people and for many other different promotional purposes as well. They are usually present in theme parks, in various corporations, schools, sport teams and other events like that. Sometimes their character heads show the face or sometimes the costume covers the whole body depending on how they want they character to be represented. Complicated or simple in design, fur covered or with clothing Sally and Mimics Productions can make you whatever Costume character you wish for! They are the best way to promote your brand, venue, attraction, charity or club Costume Characters bring your design to life! And mostly world class costume characters are chosen by world class brands so you see they are really worth every penny. Helping and promoting your brands to a next level. You see, this is how Mimics Productions can make your business go nuts! So contact Sally before it’s too late! Just order now. Bring your design, colours, fur and fabrics to life! Let colours and characters amuse you and your customers and friends! You can always have your imaginative Costume Characters designed and stitched so contact Sally now! Have fun now!Email Sally: phone: 01329 661161

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