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Bespoke Costumes: Let’s be Different!

Bespoke (the word itself) is an adjective which stands for anything commissioned to a particular given specification. In simple words, it is said to be altered or stitched to a certain manner or tastes that is only for one individual – you! It literally means ‘speak for something’ so that is how costumes speak for themselves by their very detailed hand stitching and design. Mostly such costumes Mimics Make are used in a particular field like TV production, or promotional events, sports matches and for any brand that needs to be seen, and seen LARGE! Since every company or brand needs their own bespoke costume design made up in their specified way, hand made and with quality. So if you are looking for that, Brilliant! You have found Mimics Productions! Sally of Mimics is a master of 3D bespoke costume making and for further satisfaction she will be more than happy to show you how your own character costume can come to life. Sally’s handmade beautifully stitched quality bespoke costumes will blow your mind! Contact Sally now on 01329 661161 or email<br><br> So, to get started on your bespoke costume, either pick up a pen now, design it and get in touch Or let Sally do it all for you. Sally will make you the best costume ever! Whether it is for a Shakespeare play, or for a school, club, company brand, sports team, Television commercial, or a broad way show, Sally can make it! You have come to the right person! Sally has been making such hand made bespoke costumes since 1988. That experience is used daily and is how Sally will stitch your costume, with dedication, experience and great care. Sally’s costumes speak for themselves, just look at our gallery they are all so amazing and perfect for their customers at the same time! Sally & Mimics Productions are here to provide you with the most fitted costume ever with perfect prices! So don’t worry! Order now, please don't wait another moment!<br><br> Mimics are your perfect option! Let Sally make your promotional or sport events hit the charts! Order now and discuss your specification with Sally now. Together we make your events AMAZING!<br><br> For further queries and details, email Sally: or call her on 01329 661161<br><br>  

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