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Specialist designers and makers of professional mascot costumes, character mascots, sports mascots, animal mascots, character mascot costumes, puppets, character puppets, hand puppets, soft props, oversized soft props. UK mascot makers, prop makers, puppet makers & puppeteering for Television, film, theatre, promotional advertising events and education.

Sally did the puppeteering and voice for Bella from The TweeniesSally Preisig, founder of Mimics Productions, began her stage career whilst still at school. She regularly took part in school plays and stage productions and was invited to join the National Youth Theatre whilst in her 6th form. Sally also loved all aspects of sewing and design and studied at The Royal School of Needlework, achieving a distinction in City & Guilds Embroidery Part 1, getting involved in as many needlework and sewing classes and projects as she could. Soon after successfully completing a Performance Arts degree at Middlesex University, Sally set up Mimics Productions.

Whilst at Middlesex, Sally had learnt that on a performance Arts course there is always a shortage of backstage crew. There was the gap in the market, which Sally has turned into a career! As part of the course, Sally had to act and sing on stage, which she loved, but much preferred not to be seen! So she helped behind the scenes whenever she could! She dabbled in puppetry, but had yet to realise that she had the talents to become a successful TV puppet maker and TV puppeteer.

Continuing her love of all things back stage she joined Trestle Theatre Company, spending 3 years as Company Stage manager, prop & costume maker and also doing the odd bit of set design, winning the 'Time Out' Award for best set design of 1990 with Trestle's show 'The Edge'..

Sally puppeteering on Robinsons TV commericalIn 1991 she left Trestle became props person for 'The Wild Bunch' for Channel 4 TV and French TV station TF1. She was the TV prop maker on the programme and also ended up assisting the three puppeteers on set in Paris and doing bits of puppeteering on location back in the UK. She loved her time so much with the puppets that after the filming had finished she found out who had made the puppets for that programme. It was John Thirtle of 'Playboard Puppets'. Sally joined John's workshop as a workshop assistant and was also taken on by his partner Ian Allen as a member of the new cast for their next tour of 'Fun and Games on Button Moon'. When work in the workshop hotted up she was taken from the tour to assist, on all sorts of different productions and on mammoth projects - two commercials for 'Robinsons Fruit Drink' and three TV series for Carlton of 'The Spooks of Bottle Bay'. Through all those busy times she was unselfishly taught nearly everything she knows about puppets!

Since then, she hasn't stopped making puppets and soon diversified into designing and making character costumes and large mascot costumes as well as plenty more TV puppeteering and voicing on TV.

Sally with Peggy Patch from PlaydaysIn 1994 Sally got her first big break for BBC's 'Playdays' performing the puppet and voice of Peggy Patch. Her three and a half years with Playdays was great fun and was disappointed when the programme wasn't recommissioned in 1997.

It was during the years as Peggy Patch that Sally started working with her Playdays colleagues Iain Lauchlan and Will Brenton on their 'Fun Song Factory' videos, produced by their company Tell-tale Productions. Sally was the puppeteer for many of the Fun Song Factory characters and she made, voiced and puppeteered 'Sally The Cat'. She was also their prop and puppet designer and maker and made the character costumes of 'Ozzy Octave' and 'Bump'.

Sally did the character costumes, puppeteering and voice over for Bella on The TweeniesHer years with Tell-tale lead her to being in the team that devised the 'Tweenies' for the Cbeebies. She designed and made the original prototype dolls and all the original Tweenie television character costumes and puppets and was given the job of voicing and animating 'Bella'.

Since Tweenies, Sally has worked on GMTV's - 'MacDonald's Farm' and BBC's 'Cbeebies' - 'The Shiny Show' - Sally built the three puppets and was the original 'Dogsby' and she was the original 'Bits' on 'Bits and Bobs'. Sally was also the puppet builder of- 'Superbaby' for Story Makers.

She has voiced two sets of singing and story cassettes for Marks and Spencer, has voiced and sung on 21 different Parragon children's rhyme and story books, has recorded characters for Legoland and was the voice of Miki the cat on a Sooty touring stage show.

Her first Production Manager job was making a video for Hamleys and their Bear Factory franchises. Also enjoying the opportunity to design the two sets, make the 4 character costumes and voice the two female characters!
Over the years Sally has designed, made, puppeteered and voiced many puppet characters for children's TV and made some weird and wonderful props and character costumes for TV and theatre as well as numerous private commissions including brand character mascots, sports mascot costumes, character heads, animal mascots and puppets for music videos. She absolutely loves her work as it is so varied. She enjoys a creative challenge! She would have done none of the above without the huge support from her husband and family!
She has been a full British Actors Equity member since 1988.
Sally is a member of The British Puppet & Model Theatre Guild and is included in the Directory of Professional UK Puppeteers & UK Puppet Makers published by The Puppet Centre Trust.
In 2003 Sally also set up a second company from her workshop - Crafty Kids Ltd. Designing and creating craft and string puppet making kits for kids over 4. In 2010 she handed over the running of this successful company to another company in order to concentrate more fully on her real passion, Mimics Productions puppet makers, character mascot costume creation and soft prop maker skills. Sally and her talented team always welcome new commissions.

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