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Dogsby, Mukka & Tigs the tiger

The Shiny Show

The Shiny Show is a BBC/Open Mind Productions for the new BBC Childrens digital channel 'Cbeebies'. It is a lively quiz show/sitcom for 3-7 year olds that features three characters, Dogsby the dog, Mukka the monkey and Tigs the tiger. They live in a flat all together and have many happy hours amusing themselves with their home made quiz and trying to win shinies!

Sally of Mimics Productions made the three puppet characters. Their heads were each sculpted in clay and cast in latex, their bodies constructed in 1" foam and fur covered. Tigs' Y shaped stripes were individually hand sewn in to the background - the Y shape being removed first in the background fur and then the Y shaped stripe colour inserted and sewn in. Their eyes were hand painted on vacuformed clear plastic and Dogsby has eye blinks.

Sally was the original puppeteer and voice of the character of Dogsby. (Having had to leave the programme to have her second baby).

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