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Bella, Milo, Fizz & Jake


Launched in 1999 by BBC Television/Tell-Tale Productions. It is an innovative pre-school television series geared toward children aged three to five years old.

The programme consists of an appealing combination of spirited children called 'Tweenies' - Bella, Milo, Fizz and Jake, with their playgroup leaders Max and Judy not forgetting Doodles the dog!

In June 2000, Tweenies won the Royal Television Society's award for Best Pre-School Educational Programme and in November the BAFTA for Best Live-Action Pre-School Programme. Sally of Mimics Productions made the original miniature prototype character dolls of Bella, Milo, Jake, Fizz, Max & Judy and Sid the character that was dropped. The characters were then rescaled into two sizes from these dolls to form what you see on this famous television programme today.

Sally was the co-constructor/developer for making the full size puppets and skin costumes for all of the two legged 'Tweenies' characters. She was also the costume cutter and maker of their original outfits - seen above. She sourced their amazing costume fabric from America and arranged its dyeing into the spectrum of colours one can see on the programme today.

Sally was the puppeteer and animatronics operator of the 'Tweenies' character - Bella.

Sally was the original voice of 'Tweenie' Bella.

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