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Galleon on set

Spooks of Bottle Bay

In 1992 Carlton commissioned 'The Spooks of Bottle Bay' a tv series about a village that is terrorised by crooked estate agents Sybil and Cedric Sludge intent on selling an old mansion on the hill where our heroes Sally, Fred and Baby Spook live. Adventures unfolded as the spooks that live in the rest of the village help them out.

Sally lead the Playboard team of makers constructing the sets and props used in the first series. She constructed:

- 'Sid Sludge's' motorbike,
- a huge galleon made from polystyrene
- an entire beach and breakwaters all made from polystyrene and covered in a thin layer of real sand
- a huge forest of carved polystyrene oak trees which were then wrapped in sized muslin bandages and airbrushed with colour
- a miniature version of the same forest for use with a mini-cam
- and many other bits of set and props.

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